Preliminary Results of the 2016 Investigations at the Hell Gap Site

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Garhart, Zachary
Griffith, Christopher
Skinner, Karin
Scott, Zackery
Anderson, Douglass
Norris, Franklin
Feldman, Tori
Bartczak, Marcel
Peterson, Michael R.
Larson, Mary Lou
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The goal of the 2016 Hell Gap report is to discuss our work in the Folsom and Goshen occupations at Locality I. The report is divided into six sections. The first section summarizes the Hell Gap Locality I site and area. Second, it outlines the field and lab methods Third, we discuss the stratigraphic levels excavated during 2016. Fourth, preliminary results of the investigations from the witness block and east units at Locality I are presented. Fifth, we present the results of an archaeological survey of the Hell Gap valley. Sixth, we discuss the public events and outreach that occurred during the 2016 Hell Gap field season.
Archaeology, Hell Gap, Wyoming, Guernsey