Preliminary Results of 2005 Hell Gap Investigations

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Epstein, Ethan
Ewing, Sara
Kesterke, Matthew
Rose, Victoria
Stites, Michael
Larson, Mary Lou
Kornfeld, Marcel
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The primary activity undertaken during the 2005 field season was the continued excavation of a 5 x 7 meter block separating Locality I and IE (east). For clarity we term this block the Locality I Witness Block. The 1960s excavations of Locality I revealed virtually the entire Plains Paleoindian projectile point sequence in good stratigraphic context, although recent analyses have questioned this interpretation. The continued excavations of this block are important for improving our understanding of the natural and cultural stratigraphy, site formation processes, prehistoric lifeways, and how the patterns observed today relate to the 1960s excavations. In 2001 the Fenn-Mullins building was built to protect the Locality I excavation block from the elements, and coincidently provides an ideal facility for displaying work in progress to the public.
Archaeology, Hell Gap, Wyoming, Guernsey