Preliminary Results of the 2017 Investigations at the Hell Gap Site

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Fitzpatrick, Tony
Garnett, Justin
Batisky, Jacob
Carreto, Darlene
Piven, Alix
Garhart, Zach
Shimek, Rachael
Larson, Mary Lou
Kornfeld, Marcel
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Hell Gap, a newly designated National Historic Landmark, plays a major role in the interpretation of Paleoindian prehistory. The 2017 excavation focused on a roughly 5 x 7 m portion of Locality I referred to as the witness block. In addition to excavating around the witness block, excavation was continued in the units to the east of the witness block (an approximately 3 x 5 m area) until sterile soil was reached (Figure 1.1). Support columns of the protective structure through the eastern units were removed prior to the start of the season which allowed for the excavation of the remaining eastern units (an area spanning about 10 square meters). Once the back dirt was removed from these units, excavation began at stratum E3.
Archaeology, Hell Gap, Wyoming, Guernsey