Cerulean Hues

Cerulean Hues is a temporary site-specific and place-inspired installation. The stairwell landing is a concave form that guides one around the ninety-degree turn to ascend to the second floor. The concave and convex domes combine to highlight the juxtaposition of organic and industrial aspects within a geometric space. These repeated forms and cerulean hues unify the piece with the space while asking the viewer to consider the work, its placement and their relationship.
A hidden stairwell within Coe Library at the University of Wyoming became the inspiration for this work. Aside from being a visually site-specific installation, the conceptual aspects of this work also align with its location. Cerulean Hues is a continuation of exploration. This work was an investigation in process, material and form. Similarly, place was used to inspire creativity. Instead of seeking to define place in this work, the place defines the piece.