Preliminary Results of 2013 Investigations at the Hell Gap Site

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Shimek, Rachael L.
Pelton, Spencer R.
Weiner, Bridget T.
Knox, Kelsey I.
Jacobs, Sarah A.
Halperin, David A.
Thornhill, Cassidee A.
McPherson, Rachel
Boyd, Joshua Robert-Allen
Kornfeld, Marcel
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Excavations in 2013 continued the investigation of the geological and cultural stratigraphy and site formation processes of the Hell Gap Valley. This preliminary report presents the results of the 2013 field excavation season. Brief sections follow regarding the background of the site, excavation and laboratory methods, the 2013 excavation areas, the results of these excavations, and a discussion of site-level patterning. Appendices include a report on recent improvements to the site infrastructure, the artifact mapping protocol, a summary of investigations of the well section, stone circle mapping undertaken, a crew list, and copies of conference presentations given during 2013-2014 about the 2013 Hell Gap field season.
Archaeology, Hell Gap, Wyoming, Guernsey