The 2011 Season at Hell Gap Preliminary Report

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Evans, Krista
Wurst, Jo
Weiner, Jonathan
Pettigrew, Devin
Martin, Houston
Medlin, Judy
Harvey, David
Ðukić, Ana
Kratofil, Boris
Kornfeld, Marcel
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The 2011 season at the Hell Gap site focused on Locality I witness block inside the Fenn-Mullins building. We continued the excavation of the southern and eastern row of units with most of the units in stratum E4, the Eden-Scottsbluff cultural component. The excavation in 2011 removed between 5 and 15 cm of sediment per unit. The broad goals of the excavation were to 1) excavate an approximate 5 x 7 m block separating Locality I and IE, the witness block; 2) reopen excavations at Locality IIIN and vicinity; 3) gather samples for a detailed paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Hell Gap Valley and vicinity; and 4) develop a valley-wide coring program to model paleo land surfaces with GIS techniques.
Archaeology, Hell Gap, Wyoming, Guernsey