Preliminary Results of the 2019 Investigations at the Hell Gap Site

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Neff, Ashley Hansen
Mullin, Scotia Palmer
Wriendt, Jessica D.
Urdiales, Jack
Shimek, Rachael
Larson, Mary Lou
Kornfeld, Marcel
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The goal of this report is to document the 2019 Hell Gap excavations. The significant outcome of the 2019 fieldwork is the completion of exposure and recovery of the Agate Basin component on the eastern side of the witness block. The report is divided into seven chapters, beginning with chapter 2 which provides an overview of site formation, geography, geology, and stratigraphy, hence establishing the context of Locality I, which is presented in the second chapter. In the third chapter, we discuss our excavation methods, including changes made from previous years. The fourth chapter discusses several classes of artifacts. Public outreach is discussed in the fifth chapter. The report concludes with a summary of this year’s findings, the significance of these findings, and what we expect to achieve in future seasons of excavation.
Archaeology, Hell Gap, Wyoming, Guernsey