Preliminary Results of 2007 & 2009 Hell Gap Investigations

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Head, Brian
Johnson, Kele
Meerkreebs, Jeremy
Nizak, Renata
Burnett, Jackie
Grund, Brigid
Kristović, Maris
Messineo, Pablo G.
Martin, Houston
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During the 2007 and 2009 seasons, a 3.2-meter square of sediment was excavated from a 5 x 7 meter block (the Witness Block) separating localities I and IE. The excavation resulted in the recovery of chipped stone, bone, charcoal, ochre, and possible features, all of which were point provenienced with a total station electronic theodolite. Our investigation also led to a better understanding of the stratigraphy and the contacts of units E and F. Moreover, several soil samples were taken in different units across the excavation area to for future chemical or physical testing. In addition, crewmembers erected the skeleton of a Weather Port structure over Locality II West for future investigations of this area. The year 2009 marked the inaugural Hell Gap Open House in conjunction with the Wyoming Archaeological Society (WAS) summer meeting
Archaeology, Hell Gap, Wyoming, Guernsey